It's been created to center around the individual, to guide and lead them on their journey to self-awareness, on a journey to document their past, present and future. A journey of reflection, a journey of self-love and approval. Ultimately a journey to peace of mind and freedom.


NU is for the individual, who struggles to articulate the thoughts in their mind.


NU is for the individual who needs to find their voice to communicate their emotions and feelings.


NU is for the individual who struggles with anxiety.


NU is for the individual who needs to plan out their day, and the reflect on how it went later on.


NU is for the individuals who want to store their memories in some place physical.


NU is for you, it’s for me, it’s for everyone.


NU was built for the people.

We are always trying to make sure that the journals are designed and produced in the more sustainable way, currently the inner pages of each journal are 100% recycled, we are aiming for a journal that is 100% recycled inside out.


I am someone, like anyone else. An individual who was built on bottling things up. Unable to voice my feelings and emotions through speech. I always feared being judge for the thoughts I held within.


So I saw an outlet through creative writing, poetry, short stories and one liners which allowed me to mask my emotions in an artistic way.


However, they were masked, no one apart from me understood the truth behind this, so I wanted a place to write this plainly for myself to see.


That’s where NU Journals came from. There are many journals out there, but they weren’t pushing me to write, I would stare at the empty pages, because when it came down to it, I couldn’t write, and so this would go on for years, look at empty journals and not being able to put pen to paper.


NU Journals, guided me in a subtle way with the prompts, once I would look at them, it would trigger something in me to start writing, and I would write so much and look back and be surprised. It wasn’t even specifically about the prompt, but everything that was circling in my mind at the time.